Zillow stops flipping homes for good as it stands to lose more than $550 million.

Zillow stops flipping homes for good as it stands to lose more than $550 million.

When we emphasize the value of a local, experienced professional, THIS is what we are talking about!

Zillow, the world’s largest real estate technology engine has just lost half a billion dollars trying to forecast the markets using their algorithms and creating a volume business, not a service business.

How, in the hottest market in history, is the biggest real estate database unable to make themselves money? Because this business is so much more than straight numbers on a page.

Since we started tracking six years ago, NOT ONE client who bought and then sold with us has lost money.

When people are plugging their “savings” by using computer-based business models, how much actual value are you actually losing?

We dedicate our lives every day to learning the ins and outs of our market, and our expertise has put literally millions into our clients’ pockets over the years.

Call us if you’re considering a real estate move, we promise to dedicate our expertise to MAKING YOU the most money!



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